The Pathfinder School: Traverse City Community School

Why Do I Give?

Thank you to all those past, present and future who donate to The Pathfinder School. It is through the generous contributions of alumni, current families and the greater community that our dynamic program continues to thrive!


Three generations of our family have given to The Pathfinder School to continue the long tradition of small classrooms, and specialized curriculum that is unique to independent schools. Pathfinder School leads young people to be confident, unique and adaptable students and people! We give so that all students can have the gift of a Pathfinder education.

-Tom, Stacey, Trey and Amelia Pezzetti

As a "product" of independent schooling, we've been aware of Pathfinder for many years.  We learned a lot more about the school when our niece and nephew attended, and when it was time to make a selection for Maddie (our now 8 year old), we explored further.  Our support for the school began in the typical fashion-a parent pursuing a good education for their child.  As our involvement with the school has deepened we've become aware of its value in the larger context, as an asset to the community and the region.  Pathfinder is a gem, and a continually improving one at that, this school deserves private support from anyone who wants to see our community flourish.                       

-Sue and Kevin Malone

I was a guest teacher in the early 80s. My plan was to guest teach in as many schools as possible before applying for a full time job. Pathfinder was a perfect fit for me. The staff talked about the children instead of complaining about salaries and schedules. The children were so happy and learning in special ways. I had children and wanted this kind of education for them. They both continue to keep in touch with friends from Pathfinder. I wish all children could be educated in an environment like Pathfinder. What is more important than an outstanding education? I taught at Pathfinder for over 25 years. I loved following my students through the years. I am on Facebook with former students and their babies. Friendships are lasting and the education is exceptional.  I am grateful for the education my children received. They are both happy adults with great memories of their Pathfinder years. Pathfinder should be the model for successful education. -

-Joyce MacManus and Family

I support Pathfinder for so many reasons. My top three reasons are: 

  1. Kids are allowed to have a voice and use it…which makes students happy and more confident.
  2. Teachers and staff interact with all students on a personal level…which makes students happy and more confident.
  3. The beautiful campus…which makes students happy and more confident!

-Dorie Richards