The Pathfinder School: Traverse City Community School

Family Handbook 2016-2017

The Pathfinder Family Handbook is revised each year with our code of conduct and expectations for student behavior.

Dear Parents,

The Pathfinder Family Handbook is intended to serve as a guide to help students and their families come to know The Pathfinder School’s programs and opportunities as well as to set forth basic expectations and agreements.  Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the contents.  We are hopeful that the handbook will answer many questions you may have about academics, security, discipline, school rules, safety, athletics and other topics.

The handbook is updated annually to improve communication and address emergent needs.  The significant changes since last year are described below:


Significant handbook changes since last year:

  • Added statement about unauthorized use of campus is prohibited (p. 42)
  • Added language in Drop-off procedures banning drop-off directly in front of base of stairway or other high pedestrian traffic areas. (p.14)
  • Added shared food language to both the “Lunches and Snack” and “Birthdays” section (p.15 and p.17):
  • Added Language to the Athletics describing 6th grade eligibility in middle school MHSAA athletics (p 39)
  • Updated list of available sport leagues (p.39)
  • Added language requiring students to be in school on days of athletic league contests (p. 40)
  • Added a section on student participation in safety drills  (p.30)
  • Added language clarifying that all fundraising activities must be approved by the Board of Trustees Development Committee (p.43)
  • Simplified the approval page for the Computer Acceptable Use policy (p.55)

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Rob Hansen, Head of School.

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