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Send Pathfinder to Model UN

My name is Niklas Fagerman and I'm in 7th grade. I have undertaken the task of representing Jordan in the Montessori Model United Nations to be held in March in New York City. I'm a delegate in the security council tackling the real life problems of Nuclear Proliferation and prevention of an arms race on the moon. Not only do I research these topics fully, I write a position paper representing my country's views on these topics. Most importantly, I come up with solutions which I will be sharing with many other delegates on a trip to New York. We all vote and deliberate out a uniform consensus of a combination of all of our ideas that in culmination we present in a closing ceremony in the General Assembly at the actual United Nations! It's an extraordinary experience that I hope to share with you all and I'm asking for your assistance in donations to get there. My hope is to share this amazing experience with more of my fellow students here at pathfinder by educating my fellow 7th graders this year on what this is so as to find as many fellow delegates in Pathfinder to do this with me next year in 8th grade . To watch a summary of this program please see HERE and to donate to my travel expenses please go to DONATE.


Youth focusing our energy, commitment, intelligence on real life problems and working together towards a common goal- can help transform the world into one with more peace and justice: a true revolution.