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Wednesday, September 5th, 2018

School Begins (Half Day)

Welcome back to school Pathfinder families! We are looking forward to seeing the campus buzzing with activity again after a short haitus post camp. Remember, this is just a half day followed by our Opening Day Picnic.

Drop off: 8am-8:15am

Picnic begins at 11:30am in the Memorial Garden

If you are unable to attend the picnic, we ask that students are picked up at 11:30am.

Opening Day Picnic

The Opening Day Picnic is hosted by our Middle School Famiilies, and we invite all Pathfinder students, their parents and siblings to join us in the Memorial Garden for this annual celebration. You will nosh on yummy lunch, have opportunities to volunteer for different events over the year, join the Pathfinder Parents Association (PPA), and spend time with your new classmates.  Don't miss this wonderful picnic - a great way to start off the year.

Meet your children in the Memorial Garden (upstairs)

NOTE: Children leave campus when you depart from the picnic for the day.