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Tuesday, June 6th, 2017

Field Day

Students will kick off the last week of school with a morning of exercise and Field Day games!!


We will be doing an Olympic theme for field day.  Each grade level will be the country that they were for Global Studies.  I encourage each group to either dress as their country or wear the colors of their country flag.

Pre-K(Amy) and 7th grade - Madagascar --- 7th graders have already been split into two even groups

Pre-K(Katy) and 7th grade - Canada --- 7th graders have already been split into two even groups

Kindergarten and 6th grade - Scotland

1st grade - Sweden

2nd grade - New Zeeland

3rd grade - Haiti

4th grade - Ireland

5th grade - Morocco

8th grade - USA

Wednesday, June 7th, 2017

Talent Showcase

TALENT SHOWCASE  - Wednesday June 7 - Pathfinder Gym:

The Pathfinder Talent Showcase is intended to showcase individual or small group performances in vocal or instrumental music, dance, comedy, gymnastics or anything that shows talent! All performances must reflect live talent, no lip syncing, or singing to recorded vocal music.

Thursday, June 8th, 2017

Last Day of School & Eighth Grade Graduation

GRADUATION & ½ Day of School for 8th graders only – THURSDAY: June 8

Thursday, June 8,  the only students who have a ½ day of school will be our graduating 8th graders. All other students should be picked up at the pickup pavilion at 3pm or collected from extended day.

We invite all families to graduation in the Memorial Garden at 6:30pm. Even if your child is in Pre-Kindergarten, this is a wonderful chance to see the full iteration of the Pathfinder program as all graduates perform for the audience and chronicle what Pathfinder has meant to their education. Join us for refreshments and help us send off our wonderful 8th grade class. Hosted by 7th grade families.