The Pathfinder School: Traverse City Community School


Honoring wonder, fostering friendships, building understanding!

Daily Activity & Facilities

Pathfinder kids are fit and happy due in part to the rich daily diet of physical activity in the woods, climbing the fifty-eight stairs at the center of campus, and periodic instruction in outdoor education and archery. Their parents are fit and happy, too, thanks to the exercise of the stairs, which lead to our elementary campus and afford fabulous views of Grand Traverse Bay and Cedar Lake. Every student, from pre-school to eighth grade, takes physical education, with instruction and play in all major sports and an emphasis on lifelong fitness and the joy of play.

Our forested campus is a twenty-two acre classroom. Our students explore it everyday.

Pathfinder’s athletic facilities include a full-sized gymnasium with three basketball hoops, outdoor tennis courts, playing fields set at the front of the campus and back in the forest on cleared land, and basketball hoops scattered thoughout our two playgrounds. One of those playgrounds is set in the forest atop the campus ridge; the other, set by the gymnasium, was built with funds granted by the Olseon Foundation. In addition, Pathfinder’s waterfront includes a swimming dock and a large collection of canoes and sail boats.