The Pathfinder School: Traverse City Community School

Fine Arts

Painting, watercolor, ceramics, printmaking and more!


Visual Arts

The visual arts are an essential element of a Pathfinder education, an avenue through which students explore the broader curriculum. The arts are integrated into the curriculum by the classroom teachers, with enrichment projects through cooperative ventures with the art teacher, such as creating art from a given country during a social studies unit. From Kindergarten up, students meet twice a week with the art teacher. They become more proficient by working with a wide variety of media. They use clay, markers, tempera paint and watercolors and colored pencils. Students can practice creating collages, printmaking (using linoleum blocks and water based inks, plus plastic engraving plates with oil based inks) and constructions from a variety of materials.


Pathfinder kids learn to appreciate art; but their primary task is to make art, not look at it. Students create works of art using natural found materials, clay and construction materials. They also draw self-portraits and learn perspective techniques. Art History is incorporated into the curriculum with a timeline covering artwork from the Prehistoric through Modern times. Students can also learn design techniques through the middle school Design and Production elective course, which offers projects in vehicle, home and furniture design as well as the opportunity to work on the sets for the drama production. MIADs are available to students in the visual arts domain include drawing and painting, clay and studio art.

"Pathfinder has created a supportive community focused on offering the best education for our children and helping them discover a love for learning. The end result is the development of self-confident, well-spoken and socially conscious individuals."

- Parent, grade 8