The Pathfinder School: Traverse City Community School

Matthew Johnston

Graduate of 1992

After graduating from The Pathfinder School in 1992, Matthew Johnston attended Phillips Exeter Academy where he played soccer, spent a summer in France revisiting places he toured while at Pathfinder, and studied in Washington, D.C. during his last semester. Between graduating from Exeter and starting college, he had two internships in D.C.,  one of which was with the World Bank where he worked on a micro-loan project.

In 2000, Matthew graduated from Stern, the College of Business at New York University, and worked in financial services first in New York City and later in Frankfurt am Main, Germany for two and a half years. While he was in Germany, in addition to working in various investment funds, Matthew traveled throughout Europe and went skiing in the European Alps whenever possible. Skiing in the Alps was different than from skiing at Hickory Hills where he spent many afternoons with his Pathfinder friends developing his downhill skiing skills.

Since returning to New York City from Germany, Matthew continues to work in the financial world and traveling whenever possible. He recently returned from island hopping and bicycling in Croatia.