The Pathfinder School: Traverse City Community School

Caitlin Prentice

Graduate of 1990

Alumnus Caitlin Prentice is teaching second grade in London, 20 years after her second grade year at Pathfinder with (retired teacher) Joyce McManus. During the intervening years she graduated from Pathfinder, went on to Central High School where she worked on the student newspaper, started a student literary magazine, ran and skied on the cross country teams. After four years at Middlebury College in Vermont (where she majored in geography and environmental studies, spent a year in Valdivia, Chile and worked at the college’s rock climbing wall and ski center), she rode her bicycle from Maine to Oregon with three friends (including Pathfinder alumnus Meryl Estes) before setting off for Scotland for graduate work on a St. Andrew’s fellowship. Scotland led to England and that’s where she is today, biking through London streets and parks to Rye Oak Elementary School. Continuing her love of biking, Caitlin and a friend biked 800 miles from Venice to Istanbul in the summer of 2009.