The Pathfinder School: Traverse City Community School

After School Enrichment '15-'16

Extracurricular Enlightenment!

The Pathfinder School is pleased to announce our Fall 2014 After School Offerings. Classes are meant to encourage your creativity and explore new talents.  Classes are filled on a first come, first serve basis.  Please note the time and grade levels for each class.  Classes will begin quickly so please note the start dates for EACH class.  There is a contact person listed for each class for you to directly contact in order to sign up.
If you have any questions, please contact Amy Pahssen at  or 995-3800


Dungeons & Dragons Club

Start/End Date: Friday, October 3 –TBD

Day/Time: Fridays, 4pm – 5pm

Minimum Age: 4th grade

Number of Participants: 3 minimum – 7 maximum


Location: On campus in the Library

**Contact: Contact Doug Schultz to sign up at 231.929.3402 or


A Call to Adventure

Are you stout of heart and hungry for adventure? Then plunge into action with the classic role playing game Dungeons and Dragons. Guided by the dungeon master you’ll create and refine the unique characters you’ll use to play the game. Then your characters will travel to a far away time and place where their imagination, creativity, strategic thinking, and teamwork skills will be put to the test in a challenging adventure. Be sure to come ready for plenty of mystery, riddles, monsters, traps and treasure.



Violin Lessons
Start/End Date: Contact Michael
Day/Time: Contact Michael
Minimum Age: Any
Fee: Contact Michael
Location: TBD
**Contact: Contact Michael Erwin to sign up at 231.409.0904 or

Michael Erwin is offering private lessons at The Pathfinder School during after school hours. Mr. Erwin teaches all four orchestra stringed instruments: violin, viola, cello and bass, and will start students at any age.  If you are interested in signing up for lessons here at school, please contact Lynne Tobin at and Mr. Erwin at or (231)409-0904.





Yearbook Club

Start/End Date: w/o October 20th (date, TBD)—Spring

Day/Time: TBD

Minimum Age: 4-8 grade

However, students 3rd grade and younger could still participate in taking photos.  Students will be involved in working on the input of the photos and placing the photos into the yearbook pages, thus the participants must have some familiarity with computers and the internet (how to use a web browser, back button, reading instructions and error message, navigating a web page, etc.).  Very basic computer skills on up to the computer whiz is welcome!



**Contact: Julia Hearne-Desmond 231-929-1370


Yearbook club is for students who would like to make the yearbook.

What would you like to see in your school yearbook?  How many pages should be in the yearbook?  Should it be hard or soft cover?  How much will the yearbooks cost to produce and at what price should we sell them?  Yearbook production covers many areas, not just taking and gathering photos.   

Yearbook Club Activities will include:

•  Taking photos on campus and at school events both on and off campus

•  Uploading photos onto a computer and ultimately to a web-based publishing program

•  Sorting and labeling photos

•  Using a web-based program for page layout and production of yearbook
•  Planning the yearbook pages, front and back cover, etc.
•  Business planning, including the cost of production for the product the students wish to produce and how much we have to charge when the books are sold,  deciding when to have the books delivered, when to submit the book for production

•  Taking orders for the yearbooks, determining how many books to produce