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2017 Test Results

See how Pathfinder students match up academically to students from across the country.


2017 Normed Reference Testing Summary: TerraNova
The Pathfinder School takes pride in the fact that it does not rely on any single indicator to evaluate student growth or to determine the overall success of our school. The most crucial indicators of growth and development are not easily measured by simple instruments. Over-reliance on standardized tests often results in a narrowing of the curriculum to what is easily measured, and therefore a de-emphasis on expression, creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking. While standardized test scores are not the goal of education, careful administration and analysis of norm-referenced assessments, such as TerraNova, provides us with some useful data that can be partially applied to program development and student reflection. Since these assessments are administered nationally, the results also provide a statistical comparison to other populations taking the same tests.
As with all testing, it is important to remember that results represent a “snap-shot” of student performance on one particular day in our students’ careers.
TerraNova:  The Terra Nova is a nationally recognized standardized test with 85 years of experience in assessment and research. In all assessed content areas and grades, the average Pathfinder student consistently performs well above their grade level relative to national norm groups (see below), and well above the nation as refelcted in our median national percentile scores (see below).



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