The Pathfinder School: Traverse City Community School


A joyful place for five year olds where each day is a learning adventure!


What you will see in Pathfinder Kindergarten


  • Emergent curriculum based on children’s interests as well as meeting children where they are in their development

  • Literacy and math integrated throughout all centers.  Literacy –rich environment

  • Multi-sensory and hands-on approaches to all areas of the curriculum

  • Appreciation of different learning styles and strengths

  • Thematic exploration allowing for more depth and breadth of study as well connections in knowledge

  • Curriculum begins to spiral through a broad scope and sequence that allows students many opportunities to construct knowledge, not just to memorize 

  • Frequent opportunities to play with language and concepts to build knowledge and social skills

  • Social/emotional curriculum in place to help build a “tool box” of skills.  Conflict is used as an opportunity to teach skills.

  • A focus on developing a sense of community within the classroom and school.  Building positive relationships with staff, peers and across grades, knowing that a child’s emotional well-being leads directly to his or her intellectual growth.

  • Time devoted to music, art, science, gym, library and French with specialized co-curricular teachers.

  • Opportunities to connect with nature through play and exploration resulting in awareness, appreciation and overall emotional well-being.

  • Fostering passions, interests and meaningfulness in learning to promote lifelong learners