The Pathfinder School: Traverse City Community School

Literacy & Reading

Honoring wonder, fostering friendships, building understanding!

At Pathfinder, literacy is celebrated and nurtured throughout each child’s development. Integrated across the curriculum, Pathfinder’s philosophy is one of balanced literacy, assessing each child and individualizing skill sets while promoting an appreciation for language and encouraging the natural progression from emergent to fluent in communication arenas. Pedagogy and curriculum spiral to include elements from longitudinal research through formal guided, shared, independent and modeled reading, workshops, portfolios, exercises in various genres, writing, listening and speaking skills framing the Pathfinder ideal. Alternately, literacy study may manifest as a stroll through the wooded campus in search of the letter “T", selecting a vista for the basis of a descriptive essay or sitting by the lakeside with a book. While Pathfinder students attend to whole language and phonics, sight words and vocabulary, grammar mechanics and critical analysis, literacy profundity, the ability to decode fluently, critically analyze, extend, comprehend, form insight and communicate articulately with others is the aspiration.