The Pathfinder School: Traverse City Community School


Honoring wonder, fostering friendships, building understanding!

An education from The Pathfinder School teaches children to be independent thinkers and encourages risk-taking. Pre-kindergarten through eighth grade are key years in molding a student's motivation and desire to learn. Learning and growing in a supportive community of teachers, parents and peers encourages students to explore the world around them. Our campus is unique and offers an education on the outdoors and teaches lessons that enhance and build on what is taught in the classroom. The curriculum for each subject teaches students to freely practice, explore and take risks while incorporating an appreciation of the arts.

We invite you to explore the learning opportunities unique to our campus!


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Matthew Johnston

Graduate of 1992

"Children blossom and grow, learn and flourish here under the caring guidance of dedicated, professional teachers."

- Parent, grade 6