The Pathfinder School: Traverse City Community School


"Our kids simply love school. They’re having fun. They’ve made great friends. They look forward to class each day. They’re thriving. It’s an amazing recipe for success!"

- Parent, grades 3 & 5

"Children blossom and grow, learn and flourish here under the caring guidance of dedicated, professional teachers."

- Parent, grade 6

"Pathfinder has created a supportive community focused on offering the best education for our children and helping them discover a love for learning. The end result is the development of self-confident, well-spoken and socially conscious individuals."

- Parent, grade 8

"Pathfinder creates an environment that recognizes individuality as part of community, not in opposition to it."

- Parent, grade 4

"We wanted to find a school community for our children that would reinforce rather than erode our home values. We found our children’s second home at Pathfinder. I know that the adults here—teachers and staff—have the same goals for my children as I do. "

- Parent, grade 5 and graduate

"I feel free to call upon the faculty at our school anytime - weekday or weekend, to voice a concern, seek advice, raise a classroom issue or share an anecdotal story of accomplishment. It’s like having a competent group of allies to assist in the daily challenge that raising children with character poses."

- Parent, grades 3, 8 and graduate

"The arts and academics are integrated, and the curriculum is inviting and stimulating. Learning is valued as a life-long process by all in the school community. There is no other school like Pathfinder!"

- Parent, grade 6